Remembering Barbara Carle, 1938-2015


Remembering Barbara Carle

On behalf of Eric Carle and his family, thank you for your incredible outpouring of support. It is such a comfort to read these messages and hear from so many friends. Bobbie touched so many lives with her generosity, compassion, and kindness.

- The Staff at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

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  1. Anita Moelker

    Dear Mr. Carle,
    I just wanted to express my condolences in the loss of your wife. As a teacher I am introducing a new group of children to you and your books again this year. It warms my heart when my they say, “Eric Carle is my favourite.” It saddens me to think that you are going through this painful loss. I will be praying for you. May God bless you and give you a new story to share. Sincerely ~ Anita. (You are MY favourite author).

  2. Nancy Parler

    Dear Mr. Carle,

    Having taught for more than 30 years and being a mother for more than 2 of those decades, I am so familiar with you priceless, lasting books.

    This evening, while taking my vitals at my doctor’s office, I had the exciting pleasure to meet your niece. I was honored to be standing in her presence because of the connection. However, moments later she shared the news of Miss Bobbi’s passing and I immediately had overwhelming heartache for you; I inquired at once as to how you are doing.

    I asked if my students wrote to you and I provided a stamped envelope, would she mail them directly to you and she agreed. Please be on the lookout for those in a couple of weeks.

    She went in to share that Miss Barbara was a Montessori teacher which caused me to feel even more compelled to contact you as I am a Montessori teacher also!

    For all the love, laughter, comfort, direction and love you have given to children and then to their children over the years, I am in prayer for you–and will be for a long time to come–that God will return those blessings to you during this challenging, sad season as you navigate day to day, night to night without your precious bride by your side. I trust you believe “it is better to have loved and loss than to have never loved” (I am under that latter umbrella) and that not a moment passes that you give thanks for those years full of memories, companionship and oneness with the love of your life and that those memories sustain you in the hard to breathe moments.

    Your stories have spanned time and generations, continents and languages yet true to classics, nothing is lost in the translation; love and smiles are a universal language and the bibliotheraphy transcends all barriers.

    Blessings to you, Mr. Carle,
    Nancy Parler

  3. Michael Patrick Hearn

    Words cannot express my sorrow at the loss of Bobbie Carle. She was one of God’s gentlest souls. I am honored to have known her and to call her my friend. I was indeed blessed.

  4. Twila C Liggett

    Although I did not have the honor of meeting Barbara, it’s clear she was instrumental in the success of the museum. It is with sadness to hear of her recent passing and I can only express my sorrow for your loss. I am thinking of you during this difficult time.

  5. robin hilewitz

    I am saddened to hear of Barbara’s passing. We lived in Chicopee and throughly enjoyed visiting the museum and using all the resources there. I even had my daughters 6th bday party there in the cafe. We now live in Texas and I was just sharing with a friend and new mom your website. My thoughts and prayers are with the Carle family. She has left a legacy. Bless.

    Robin and Justice

  6. Mary Kate Witry

    I am so sorry for your loss. Clearly, you were a great team that shared so much of yourselves to make life better for children, librarians and families.
    Some day, I hope to visit your museum with my family to appreciate your amazing work in person.
    Mary Kate Witry

  7. Deborah Pope

    Dear Eric,

    On behalf of everyone here at the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, including Martin and Lillie Pope, I send you our deepest sympathy for your loss. We can only confirm the admiration we have always had for you and Barbara, for what you have both achieved and what you have shared with others. Together and individually you have made this a better world. Thank you for keeping her legacy alive.

    Most sincerely, Deborah Pope

  8. Lauren L. Wohl


    You were the first author I took out to one of those publisher-author lunches — lots of years ago! We were both new to Harper — transplants from Crowell. And Bobby was the first author’s wife I met and got to know. You both set the barre in every way — and there has yet to be any couple as warm and welcoming, thoughtful and caring, generous and gracious.

    So much has changed in the publishing world, but not the two of you. The museum you created together stands as testimony to the the value and beauty of children’s books as works of art. It always will This is something Bobby believed deeply and her message will be clear to everyone who walks in the door.

    I will always be thankful for her friendship. I send you and your family warmest wishes and much love,


  9. Pat and Ronald Gauch

    Eric dear, I love this photograph that Alix Kennedy shared with us. I see Bobbie’s spirit – it was, somehow, always connected to yours. Your relationship was unique, loving, witty, generous, inspiring. Wife is really not a good enough word. She was your dear partner, and the partner of your dreams – for your art, the museum, your homes, your journeys. This photograph says so much to me. Love, Pat

  10. silvia viviana castellanos

    I’m so sorry for your loss. It has been a very sad news for me because I have a nice Eric Carle’s book collection I use for my work as a Kinder Teacher of English at Kinder 5 in Argentina. I’ve already bought my three first books from your Museum this year because I have got all of your titles which could be got here in my country. I admire and love both of you a lot, your work is so important for me and for my pupils who enjoy very much my Storytime listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Honeybee and The Robber, The Grouchy Ladybird, and so on and in October they’re going to love Friends and Dream Snow (the last ones I’ve asked for from your Museum in September). Regards for your children and you, Mr Carle. Best wishes from Miss Sil (Silvia)

  11. Sonja Cillié

    I only discovered the website of the Carle Museum today, being a lifelong fan of Eric Carle. I read about Barbara and the museum and I would like to give my condolences to Eric Carle and Barbara’s family and friends and the museum. It is clear that she will be dearly missed, what a privilege it must be to have known her, loved her and worked with her. What an inspiring example of a meaningful life. Wishing you all love, light and peace during this difficult time.

  12. Karthik Guru

    So sorry to hear of the passing of Barbara Carle. I was so proud to have met Mr & Mrs Carle and been part of his care provided during a tough time. Barbara was a great Mentor, an Artist, and strength of Mr. Carle. Lovely woman, inside and out, towards everyone particularly passionate on kids. Its a very great loss for Carle Family. My condolences and sympathy to Eric and the entire Carle family. Thoughts & prayers being sent to Eric & family , may she rest in peace.

  13. Mara Daly

    Although I had only known Bobby for a short time, she made a huge impact on my life. She reminded me of my passion for literature, of which I had set aside for years to raise my family. She gifted me some of the most wonderful books that I now read with my son. She was very elegant and kind and I felt special to be around her. My condolences to her husband and family.

  14. Kate Foster-Anderson

    I feel so honored to have met Bobbie when my mother received the Mentor Award at the 2012 Carle Honors. Bobbie could ‘sweep the board’ any year, for she was a Mentor, a Bridge, an Artist, and an Angel–and much, much more. What a lovely woman, inside and out, and what a very great loss. My condolences and sympathy to Eric and the entire Carle family.

  15. Barbara Adams

    So sorry to hear of the passing of Barbara Carle, thoughts & prayers being sent to Eric & family , may she rest in peace

  16. Katherine Brokaw

    We are so sorry for your loss, Mr. Carle. Your books brought many, many hours of joy in our house as our three children were growing up, and one of their favorite childhood memories was our visit to the Carle Museum several summers ago. All three of them plunged joyfully into the art activities so thoughtfully provided, and we all loved seeing the exhibits, the beautiful quilt in the reading room — everything was perfect. We even got a glimpse of you in the hall, during preparations for the big gala! Your wife must have been a wonderful person to have been able to help create such a magical place. May her memory continue to live there.


    Eric, although I did not stay in touch with Barbara over the years, she remained in my mind and my heart. I am very sorry for your loss. Very sorry. I really loved both of you.

    Claudia Titelman

  18. Irene and Bart Talaasen

    Dear Eric and Bobbie’s family,
    Praying the Lord will comfort you ; such a huge loss to your family and the world! I never met Bobbie but knowing how she was loved by Eric, she was a blessed and special lady!
    Bart and Irene Talaasen

  19. Sarah Buttenwieser

    I loved spending time with you and Bobbie together Eric, to see how much she cared, how proud, and sometimes how tough, but always with warmth and graciousness. And obviously, what she envisioned and did so much to bring to fruition in the form of the museum will stand and shine — we are all so fortunate.

  20. Chris Doehlert

    Bobbie’s extraordinary grace was a wonderful – perhaps perfect – complement to Eric’s tender kindness.

    Together they welcomed us into their home and studio with our children. The twins were of course delighted and charmed by Eric and Bobbie managed to make us all feel that it was no imposition even when we felt sure it must have been.

    At meals shared with them she always took specific and delighted interest in what was happening in our lives when theirs seemed so much more fascinating and remarkable.

    A charming woman. So glad she was in Eric’s life.

    Miss her already.

  21. Karen, Steve, Sam & Amara

    We are deeply saddened to hear of Bobbie’s passing; she was such a kind person and always welcomed our family into the world of the museum whenever we would see her, whether it was a special event or we just happened to be there. To Mr. Carle, family and friends we send our love, thoughts & prayers.

  22. Peter and Carol Kern - Brodheadsville, PA

    Dear Eric and Family -
    Our heartfelt sympathy goes to you at this sad time. The depth of your loss cannot be measured but we want you to know that we share in some small way the grief you feel. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Peter & Carol

  23. Sydney Willcox

    Dear Eric Carle,

    Losing a touch stone, your life partner must be like tearing off your own limb yourself. Your life habits change without them yet if you hear your tenderest moments, feel their touch in memory, perhaps it will be a good hurt rather than a debilitating hurt. My heart breaks for you. Your art has often healed my heart.
    I wish you the best and am grateful for your generosity.
    With admiration and hope for you,
    Sydney WIllcox

  24. Kimberly Parkinson DeCambre

    Hi, I’m Steven and Helen Kellogg’s daughter Kimberly. I received the email my dad sent to all of us of the passing of our dear friend Bobbie Carle, the beloved wife of Eric Carle. We are all so very sorry of such sad news. Our thoughts and prayers to Eric and Bobbies family during this time. It’s not easy to lose someone so very dear.
    We have been very blessed to be dear friends with such a wonderful couple as they! We fellow artists have loved sharing the enjoyment of each other’s work when visiting. It has been wonderful and very enriching to have known her.
    We Kelloggs all send lots of love and support to Eric, and to Bobbie’s family, during this sad time. Bobbie will certainly be very missed.
    -Kimberly Parkinson DeCambre (Kellogg)

  25. Abby Weisgard

    Dear Carle family,
    We are all so so sad to hear of your loss of Bobbie.
    We have such fond memories. It doesn’t seem so long since my husband, Per and I visited Eric and Bobbie in Amherst and stayed at their apartment – Per pouring over the collections of books of architecture – Bobbie lent me books of poetry – they opened up their home and their hearts and the dreams we had at that time have become real. My father’s artwork has found a home at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and a retrospective exhibition to celebrate his centenial will take place in March, 2016.
    Bobbie played such an important part of making this dream come true – my father’s spirit and artwork continue to live thanks to her ( and you, Eric! )
    I imagine them both somewhere over the rainbow, the Gods of Children’s Books smiling on them!
    The Weisgard family sends you all our deep felt sympathy.
    Lots of love,
    Abby and Per,
    Chrissy and Henrik
    Mido and Ethan
    Yuji and Nanami

  26. Faye Harding

    Such a sincere and beautiful lady. I miss her already. as I walk in fl.keys sunshine I know she is in a brighter sunshine.

  27. Nancy, CJ and Nate Berrian

    Dear Carle Family,

    Since we moved to Florence in 2013, we have had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Eric Carle Museum over the past few years. I began to homeschool my two boys CJ and Nate the previous year and the Carle has been a great compliment to our homeschooling activities. It is such a beautiful, joy and light filled space with such inspiring children’s book art. Thank you for this special place in the Pioneer Valley and thank you Bobbie for your inspiration and vision of such a magical space for children and families to frequent and explore. Your spirit and love live on forever and in this special place that you and your husband created and is such a fitting tribute to an amazing woman. Sending love, hugs, gratitude and condolences to the Carle Family and staff at the Carle.

    Love, from the Berrians…

  28. Megan Patterson

    I’m so very sorry for you and your family on the loss of Barbara. An inspiring and creative duo who’ve brought beauty, jou and enrichment to so many. Although we’ve never met, your works have been a part of my life and now my little ones for many, many years. A simple Thank You to you and Barbara doesn’t seem appropriate, yet all I can come to at the moment. Mr. Carle, you’ve both given so very much to so many throughout your life. Allow others to give back and help lift you and your family up as you mourn the loss of a wonderful partner, mother, friend and creative visionary. With deepest sympathies and many prayers.

    The Patterson Family,
    Brent, Megan, Amelia & Noah J

  29. Jane Rathbun

    So many of us around the world share in your sorrow. Please know that you are not alone. We all celebrate Bobbie’s beautiful life.

  30. Barbara Elleman

    Dear Eric,
    When Chris called with the sad news, my immediate thought was that Don would have been waiting for Bobbie as she came up that long and glorious stairway; he would take her by the hand and they would laugh their way along the road home. I recently read a statement that I liked a lot that said, “ultimately, we are all walking each other home.” I will miss Bobbie but I know there is no real words of comfort at this time. However, I will think of you two together and be happy that there has been an Eric & Bobbie.
    Love, Barbara
    Barbara Elleman

  31. Margot Brown Hampton

    Dear Eric and family,

    I am so sorry to hear of Bobbie’s passing. She was a lovely, warm lady. Having met her at two of your signings and her visit to our university bookstore.
    Prayers for you and your family.

  32. Mary Case

    I have seen the joy Mrs. Carle’s work in and on the museum has delivered. The first time I visited, I was inspired to buy all sorts of drawing material in the gift shop after the galleries just spoke to me. When I got home, i ripped out my dining room and made it into a studio called the Endless Cafe. I have never met the Carles but both have extended my personal creativity. What a legacy, I think.

  33. Madia Riggeal

    Dear Eric, family and friends of Barbara,
    We are so very sorry to hear of Barbara’s passing. Although we never met, we did have the honor of meeting Eric during your 80th celebration at the Carle, such a wonderful place that she and Eric were inspired to create. We send prayers of sympathy and condolences and know that her spirit will always be among us.

  34. Marilyn Kriney

    I am so very sorry to hear about Bobbie’s death, Eric. I know you two had a productive, joyful, and wonderful marriage. My deepest sympathy to you. Love, Marilyn

  35. Danielle & Keith Tester

    We were truly saddened to learn of Barbara’s passing. We, like all who knew Barbara, share a part of your loss.

  36. carole ott

    Dear Eric and family.
    I am saddened to hear of Bobbie’s passing. I remember an evening many years ago when you and Bobbie joined my husband ,Reinhold, and myself for a delightful dinner. So much Swabish was spoken that evening. Reinhold also passed away five years ago. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your children.

  37. David M. Kassin

    It’s a great wonder when someone who you’ve never met, never spoken with, and never knew you existed can have a profound and positive impact on your life but such is the case with people of vision and inspiration, people like Bobbie Carle. While I won’t claim to be an expert on the history of the Carle family and their beloved Caterpillar I will say without reservation that the light in every one of my children’s eyes when we read the book to them, and the same light that shines even today when they’re all in their late teens or early twenties tells me that there was something special in the soul of the author, and that he wouldn’t be able to make his magic without his partner Bobbie’s support and unconditional love. So I never met Bobbie, never spoke to her, and she knew nothing of me or my family, yet she gave us a lifetime supply of happiness and giggles, memories that transcend any age gap and a bond that can’t be broken. We will always have The Caterpillar and her museum to visit and with that she’ll live forever in our hearts. Our heartfelt condolences go to Mr. Carle alongside our eternal thanks.

  38. Joe Hammer

    My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry about dear Bobbie.
    In sympathy and in friendship,
    Joe Hammer
    Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

  39. Jin

    we were so sad for the loss of Bobbie, she enriched children’s life, made their childhood full of colorful, happiness and sparked their minds to explore the world positively. We will all miss her.. Blessing

  40. Jeff & Sue Hale

    Dear Eric and Family,

    Our hearts are grieved with the news of Bobbie’s passing, what a shock!! Her life has touched so many. She has left an incredible legacy of love for learning, creativity and a wonderful heart which was filled with love, warmth and tenderness toward all she met. The impact of all she has accomplished will live on in so many children. She will be so missed in our Keys neighborhood. All our prayers for God’s comfort, grace and peace as you walk through this season of loss.

  41. caroline Ward

    I was truly saddened to learn of Bobbie Carle’s passing. I first met her when she and Eric were newly married. I was working as the Youth Consultant for the Vermont Department of Libraries and was invited down to the Bennington Public Library. Eric had agreed to give a story hour for children; his friend Gesilia Lehovic was the children’s librarian. Eric was terrific with the children and Bobbie was there as well; they had recently been married and Gesilia confided in me that Eric never looked happier. Over lunch we became friends and I had the pleasure of seeing her occasionally over the years. When the museum opened she graciously gave my staff at the Ferguson Library a private tour. She has left an enormous legacy, but will be sorely missed. Caroline Ward

  42. Donna

    Sorry for your loss. She obviously was an amazing compassionate woman. Her Love of children was special. God sends special angels to needy children and she was one. Blessings

  43. Joe Troutman

    I was so sorry to read about Bobbie’s passing. What a wonderful lady and former classmate. She indeed was a genuine, kind and generous person.
    Joe H. Troutman
    Statesville, NC

  44. Birgit Oeschlager Smith

    Eric we send our heart felt condolences to you and Bobby’s family. We are deeply saddened by her passing. I know she was beautiful gentle lady even though I never met her.

    Birgit Oeschlager Smith

  45. Mary Brown

    We were so saddened to hear of Bobbie’s passing, and our thoughts are with Eric and their families. We will always remember her as a beautiful, warm and gracious woman. She will be missed by all who knew her, but she leaves a strong legacy in The Carle.
    Mary and Bob Brown

  46. Pam Peltier Dickinson

    Saddened to learn about the passing of Barbara Carle…Gone too soon like a rainbow! May Eric, his family and friends find comfort in holding their fond memories close in their hearts and on their minds. In my extended prayer and condolences to them.

  47. Danica Winnick Lefever

    Our thoughts go out to Eric and the Carle Museum family. Bobbie was a lovely lady who touched my childhood as a neighbor and family friend. She will be missed.

    Danica Winnick Lefever

  48. Elaine Gugler

    I was so saddened to hear of Barbara’s passing. Although I had never met her, her work was well known. She seemed to be such a caring and devoted supporter of her endeavors. My prayers and blessings go out to Eric and her entire family and friends. Sincerely, Elaine Gugler

  49. Christine

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. God bless you. Bobbie will always be remembered as a kindhearted, beautiful woman who has impacted the lives of so many children and families. She has a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

  50. Bryony

    Sorry for your loss. Thoughts are with you during this time. Continue to Smile at all the wonderful adventures you have been on and the memories you made together.

  51. Neva Cole

    I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s passing. I recently lost my Mother and am watching my Father struggle with that loss. It’s heartbreaking and the hardest thing I’ve ever struggled through. But I am fortunate to have a strong family behind me. I hope you consider the legions of people you and Bobbie have reached through your work both at the museum and through your books to be your extended family and I hope our words bring you some comfort.
    May you find peace.

  52. Mary Elizabeth Strunk

    We are so sorry. Such fans we are of the Museum you helped make possible and of your legacy.
    Much appreciation always.

  53. Carola Sautter

    We are so sorry to hear this sad news of Bobbie’s death. Our thoughts are with you.

    Carola and David

  54. Linda K. Havron

    So saddened to read about Barbara’s passing. I hope the Carle family will find comfort in knowing Barbara’s memory will live on in all of the children and adults who visit The Museum. Think of all the future generations who will be able to enjoy picture books, thanks to Barbara’s insight and generosity.
    With my sincerest condolences,
    Linda Havron

  55. Jennifer O'Connell

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Eric and all of Bobbie’s family and friends; I am very sorry for your loss. I met Bobbie through the museum where I have worked for the past 7 years. I’m so grateful to Bobbie and Eric for creating this wonderful museum that unites an entire community of artists and authors. The fact that this amazing creative center exists as a result of their vision is a huge inspiration to me as an artist – what a generous gift. Bobbie’s passion for the museum and respect for all the staff was always apparent to all of us. I feel so lucky to have met her. The Eric Carle Museum will always be a great memorial to her love of children, books, and art.

  56. Louise

    My thoughts are with you. Love and peace and light to you! Barbara’s light shines on in the happy faces and warm hearts of all those she touched with her remarkable life!

  57. Leonard Marcus

    Bobbie had a gentle Southern voice and manner, and a strong, clear vision for the museum she and Eric created together. I will always be grateful to her for involving me in the great adventure of the Carle Museum by asking me to be one of its founding trustees. As the conversation widened, and we continued to ask how the Carle might and should grow, Bobbie was always there to guide us. I will miss our conversations about poetry, and I will miss her.

  58. Jane fonvielle

    My heart is broken, especially for Eric. Bobbie was one of my favorite people and I am sadden. My thoughts and prayers are with Eric and Rita. So sorry
    My best to all

  59. Laura Vaccaro Seeger

    Dear Eric,
    I am so very sorry to hear the sad news of Bobbie’s passing. While there really are no words, I hope that the memory of your lives together will bring you comfort.
    Sending much love to you, your family, and everyone at the Carle.
    With all my very best,
    Laura Vaccaro Seeger

  60. Ariel S

    I was sad to hear that Bobbie passed away. I did not know her very well and I’m sorry that I didn’t get to talk to her more when she visited us at the museum. I am so grateful that I did get to meet her, though- she made me feel important and she made me smile! :)

  61. Britta Weber

    Lieber Eric, ich möchte dir mein Beileid zum Tod deiner lieben Frau aussprechen. Ich erinnere mich noch an sie und ihr liebenswürdiges Wesen. Ihr wart damals
    ( Anfang 80 ger?) in Feuerbach zu Besuch und seid gemeinsam bei meiner Mutti ( Liane) vorbei gekommen . Ihr habt Bücher für meine jüngeren Geschwister mitgebracht, die ich heute immer noch aufbewahre.
    Liebe Grüße und Andenken an Barbara aus Feuerbach
    Britta ( Weber)

  62. Emily Prabhaker

    Working at the museum that Eric and Bobbie founded is a deep honor and joy of my life. I am so grateful for the ways that Bobbie has so greatly enriched my life even without ever meeting her. We will all work hard to honor her beautiful memory and to let her bright light shine for all who come to visit.

  63. Joday Blevins

    I have such fond memories of Bobbie when she and Eric graciously invited us to visit their mountain home several years ago. My daughter-law, Tracie, wanted to present Eric with a miniature bronze of one of the pieces used in The Caterpillar Crawl which the Junior League of Bristol has each Spring to encourage children to read. It is based on Eric’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Bobbie and I were classmates at Salem College . It was such a special time to reconnect and to meet Eric .
    Joday Blevins

  64. Elizabeth Volkmann

    I never met Barbara but I know the hearts of those who did know her are heavy today. My thoughts are with you all. How fortunate you have been to have been graced with her light and positivity. Whether we know it or not those of us in the Pioneer Valley have a much more beautiful place to call home – due to her efforts to make the Carle Museum a reality for us and for all the families, children, students, educators, writers and artists who make the journey year after year to walk through the museum doors and into a world of wonder, intelligence, imagination and artistry.

  65. Peri and Don kelly

    So saddened to hear of Bobbie’s passing. She was such a kind and generous soul, and she touched everyone she met with brightness. A light has gone out.

  66. Anelle Miller

    On behalf of the Board of Directors and all the Members and Friends of the Society of Illustrators in New York, we send our condolences on the loss of Bobbie.
    She will be remembered always as a passionate force in the world of illustration.

  67. Barbara Schneider

    Dear Eric Carle:
    I am deeply saddened to read that your wife Barbara died and send you, your family and friends
    my sincere sympathy and all the best for the future ( incl. the Museum).
    Best regards,
    B a r b a r a Schneider

  68. Buffa Short

    I feel so blessed to have known Bobbie, she was such a lovely person. My heart goes out to Eric and Rita and all of your family during this very sad time. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, and treasure my memories of Bobbie.
    Buffa Short

  69. Daniel Rumple

    I was never priviledged to meet Mrs. Carle, only talked with her on the phone about her heritage, but felt a connection to such a nice lady. My condolences to Mr. Carle and all the family and sorry for their loss. And for the loss to all the rest of us. Dan Rumple, NC

  70. Joe Wolkowsky

    I am not of the world of art or of childrens books. I met Bobbi because we were feeding the same stray cat. Her kindness and generosity is her legacy.

  71. Mo Willems

    Bobbie was a leader, a organizer, and a great friend. Mostly, she was a mischievous lover of life, books, and kids. We are so sad and miss her terribly already. Our hearts go out to her greatest love, Eric. –Mo, Cher, & Trixie

  72. Kristin Hall

    So sad to hear that Bobbie has passed, for Eric, and the rest of us. She inspired me every time I met her, beginning over 30 years ago, with her endless warmth, attentiveness, and graceful presence.

  73. Dalila Hall

    My heartfelt condolences. Bobbie was a beautiful and generous person. Keeping the Carle family in my thoughts & prayers.
    D. Hall

  74. Virginia

    Carle Family,
    Sorry for your loss. I am wowed by your wife’s work in education. I just had to send a link of your blog about Barbara to my current principal and past supervisor. I hope to visit your museum that you two started.
    Virginia Johns (VJ)
    Librarian at MSD

  75. Sali Gill-Johnson

    I am happy I had the opportunity to meet Bobbie Carle at the Eric Carle reading our office sponsored in July 2013 at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.
    While I only spoke with her briefly, I was left with the impression of intelligence, warmth, and sincerity. The world is, no doubt, a better place for the lives the Carle’s have shared with us, and the legacy they will leave behind.

  76. Mark Bodah

    I remember Bobbie as such a warm and accepting and truly kind and interested person. She made me feel like family the moment I met her in 2002, when The Carle first opened, and all of us on staff were part of her and Eric’s big family, helping make the Carle’s dream of a museum a reality. My heart goes out especially to Eric, and also to Barbara’s friends and family.

  77. Carl M. Van Buskirk

    I am so sorry to hear of Bobbie’s passing. My memories of working with her to get the museum off the ground and open are strong and most fond. She was a leader and a friend during that time. Eric, my thoughts are with you and yours.

  78. Alexandra de Montrichard

    A little hint of pink in a light blue sky, a sliver of moon and a faint star hiding in the tree tops. That was the view at sun rise Tuesday morning as I got ready to leave for the Museum. A perfect sky to smile at Bobbie, I thought to myself. I only got to meet her twice since I started working for the Museum but she left a deep impression of calm, quiet strength and warmth. I will miss her as will all of us. With my deeply felt condolences, Alexandra

  79. Lynda Robb

    Bobbie was so young at heart and spirit that it is hard to believe that her body has failed her. My heart goes out to Eric and all her friends.
    Lynda Johnson Robb

  80. Jennifer

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Carle family and the many lives that Bobbie touched. I’m so sorry for your loss. May time heal and fond memories make you smile.
    Best Wishes,
    Jen, Maryland

  81. Laura Keith

    Dear Eric,

    Missing Bobbie will now be a part of our lives. Remembering Bobbie will be filled with joy.

    We Salem girls weep with you.

    With deepest condolences and the sadest love,
    Laura Keith

  82. Patricia Ginsberg

    Thank you for the beautiful Eric Carle Museum that you created. You have left a peaceful place for all of us to enjoy.

  83. Sharron McElmeel

    Dear Eric,
    I remember the very first time we met in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at a book conference that you were the first keynote speaker to appear. The book conference was in its first year and you were just making your incredible mark in the world of children’s books. Two things I remember so vividly — your expression of enjoyment over dinner at the Ronneberg In Amana Colonies saying “It was the best German food I have eaten since leaving Germany.” That was in 1976. And the second thing was your immense love and sense of pride in Bobbie’s work in education and her support of your work (even then — and who would know what heights she would take that support). I felt as if I knew her very well. I am so sorry for your loss – and hope that the memories of your years together help to forever keep her in your heart. My sincerest condolences to you and Bobbie’s entire family of friends and relatives. May she rest in peace.
    Sharron McElmeel

  84. Emily Rich

    Dear Eric and Rolf and Family,
    I am so sad to hear this news. Bobbie was an amazing force of energy and strength and grace who cared deeply about others. A true partner for Eric and a role model for all. I will always picture her in the way she greeted people – with a beautiful smile and her arms wide open. She will be greatly missed and always remembered with the greatest respect and love. Sending all my love your way at this difficult time. – Emily

  85. Monique

    Dear family and friends of Barbara Carle, what a wonderful woman, what wonderful work she has done with Eric Carle. I wish you all the very best in this difficult time and a special hug for Eric Carle. If you get as much joy and love and inspiration from people now as you have given all of us with your books, then you will be very well again. Best wishes, Monique, The Netherlands.

  86. Sing-ju Chang

    Dear Eric and family:
    I am so sad to hear Bobbie’s passing, please accept my deepest condolence to you and all the family members. You and Bobbie’s
    warm hospitality when I visited your studio and The Carle is unforgetable, I will always treasure her gentle smile in my memory.
    I here pray for her peaceful rest and your good health.
    With Love

  87. Alex Corpening

    Eric, as you know ,Bobbie and I met each other when we were 9 years old in the 4th grade at Davie Avenue Elementry School in Statesville. We grew up together. She was special then and remains so. So glad Cat and I had those visits with you both in the mountains and renewed old friendships. The loss of Bobbie has saddened our hearts. Our condolences to you and her family. All of her many friends and I will miss her. Please take care. We are thinking about you.

  88. Nancy Cox

    Dear Mr. Carle, While I did not know your beautiful wife personally, your museum is such a testament to what a wonderful, caring person she was. Her spirit will forever live among the pages of every book on every shelf there forever. Hold tight to memories for comfort, lean on your friends and family for strength, and always remember how much you both are treasured for sharing your love of picture books with the world’s children.

  89. Kathryn Jones

    My sincere condolences to the entire Carle family. What a sad loss. God’s blessings and peace be with you.

  90. Cathy Taylor

    Dear Mr. Carle,

    I am the mother of Nia Taylor, the first Trinket Clarke intern at the Carle. I was so privileged to be given a tour of your studio in North Hampton, by Barbara and you.
    I was so impressed by how gracious and lovely you both were. I am very sad to hear about your wife’s illness and passing. May her memory be a blessing.

    Warm regards,

    Cathy Taylor

  91. Judith Rosenbaum

    I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara many years ago, at Picture Book Studio. There was a certain light emanating from her, a love of life. Please accept my sincere condolences, Eric, upon this very sad loss.

  92. Teresa Ruane

    Every child that has visited your museum or that has been taught by a teacher who trained there has benefited from the dedication and concerns of your wife. What a wonderful legacy.

  93. Rich & Lynda Winnic

    Eric, we were shocked and saddened to hear about Barbara. We share a part of your loss.

    Rich & Lynda

  94. Kathleen Henrion

    Barbara: You have left a tremendous legacy of joy and beauty in your gem of a museum. Untold generations have in this museum a window to the world of creativity and possibility. Thank you for your generosity, your graciousness, and the many ways you have made this world brighter.

  95. Laura Crider

    I haven’t any words to say that will convey my sadness for your family. Both of you have
    done so much for so many people. Our world is so much happier and colorful because of
    you. God bless the Carle family.
    Laura Crider

  96. Ellen McILWAIN

    I am sure I can speak for other Australians in saying how sad we feel that the wife of one of our most beloved authors has passed. Behind every successful man there is always a very successful woman. Remember all the happy times and there must have been so many judging from all the wonderful books.

  97. Marisa Labozzetta and Marty Wohl

    Dear Eric,
    Bobby was such a wonderful friend and neighbor. She especially loved our “Ladies’ teas” on Crescent Street. Several years ago, we were so happy to find ourselves seated next to one another on a flight. It was an unexpected joy; spending time with Bobbie was always a delight. Our children remember her fondly. She will be sorely missed by so many. You and Bobbie are in our hearts as we send our deepest condolences.
    Marisa and Marty and family

  98. Mary Anne Dunphy

    Dear Mr Carle,
    Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your beloved wife Barbara. Know that you and your family will be in my prayers. My husband and I visited your magnificent museum lady year. I’m sure her memory will live forever inside the museum.

  99. Courtney Waring

    I am going to miss Bobbie, with her kind eyes and bright smile, and it comforts me to know that as I take school children through The Carle’s galleries, she’ll be there with us. With every child’s look of wonder, curiosity, and discovery, I’ll be thinking of Bobbie, and her love and dedication in forming such a special place.

  100. Sally Wylde

    When the Eric Carle Museum had their gala opening for invited guests from the children’s book world, our young son was asked to be part of the entertainment and sang several songs with an adult pianist accompanying him. We did not have tickets to the event, so we just dropped him off and later picked him up at the appointed time, eager to hear if he had met any of his favorite illustrators.
    All he talked about was this wonderful, friendly woman, “Eric Carle’s wife”, who spent a long time talking easily with him about everything. What a special person she was. We are all sad to hear of Bobbie’s passing, and so greatful for all she has given us. Rest in peace.

  101. Karen Hunter

    Heartfelt condolences for this sad goodbye to the woman you chose to build your life around. I hope you find joy and peace with the legacies and memories you two built together. I’m so sorry, Mr. Carle. May the scars that come from this wound remind you of all the joys and laughter and love you both so deeply shared.

  102. The Ladd Family of Wellesley, MA

    Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. May you find comfort in your happy memories.

  103. Laticia Scutella

    My deepest condolences for your loss. Bobbie was such a lovely woman, always joyful and sweet. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  104. Janet Vance

    Dear Eric and Family,

    I was very sad to hear of Bobbie’s passing. The earth has lost one of it’s truley fantastic people. She was always so wonderful, kind , and caring.

    Love and Light to you all!

  105. Carol L Levy

    The Carle Museum is a very favorite of mine! I am so sorry for your loss . Barbara Carle was a special woman in the field of literacy and helping children. As a specialist in the field of literacy and children’s author I know she will be sorely missed.

  106. Lisa and Julian Siegel

    We met Bobby and Eric walking down the street in the Florida Keys. We were lost and asked them for directions. After 3 seconds, I jumped out of the car because as a special educator I knew who was so nicely giving us directions. We spent a good hour standing in the street talking. Bobby took pictures so I could show all my students who I met, by chance, lost and looking for directions. Such a warm and wonderful woman it was nice to know her even if just for a few moments. rest well, our deepest condolences

  107. Melissa Elgersma

    Mr. Carle and Museum Staff,

    I am sorry for your loss of this amazing champion of children’s literature. I am hoping to come to the museum this year to see Mrs. Carle’s legacy in person.


    Melissa Elgersma

  108. Linda Siragusa

    Dear Eric and Family, and Friends,
    I am saddened to hear this news. My sincere condolences. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Barbara lives on through the gifts and blessings she shared with many. Hugs!

  109. Lynn Patriarca

    I am so sorry for the loss of this special woman. She’s left a legacy of love, strength and compassion. Mr. Carle, I pray that you will, in your own time, perhaps create a picture book featuring your beloved Bobbie. The idea of your incredible art combined with the story of this incredible woman makes me smile. As you allow yourself to grieve, sir, I hope that your memories will bring you a measure of comfort. When my daughter was young…actually as young as 2 weeks old, we surrounded her with books…picture books…your books. We read to her incessantly. She is now 23, a voracious reader, a student of life, a college graduate and one of the most insightful, curious women I know. You and your wife are among the people we have to thank for that. God bless you and your family….my deepest condolences.

  110. Charlotte Sidell

    Dear Eric and Family,
    I am so very sorry for your loss. The love the two of you shared for each other, for children worldwide, and for the world of children’s literature will live forever in the Eric Carle Museum, a wonderfully beautiful legacy. I hope the many happy memories you shared will bring you peace in this time of sadness. Blessings.

  111. Jeannette wolfe

    Eric, old neighbors from Crescent St Northampton (and below your old studio before that on Main St). We are so terribly sorry for your loss and your lovely, beautiful wife will remain in our thoughts and prayers. We remember her quite fondly from all your strolls past our house she always had time to share a few words and a warm smile, fondly Jeannette, David, Maddie and Ryan

  112. Cat Parsons Harrold

    I am saddened to hear that she is gone and sorry for the loss Eric and the community have sustained. Barbara was very kind to me when I worked in the initial Carle office on the first floor under Eric’s studio. She put a lot of energy and spirit into the building of The Carle and inspired all of us who worked toward the opening.
    May her memory bring you peace.

  113. Jennifer Dybas

    Sincere condolences go out to the Carle family. Thank you for all both Barbara and Eric have done for the children and adults of the world. Your books inspire many. I am an elementary school teacher, and an extremely grateful for allowing me to share your works with my students. May your family find peace knowing you made a significant difference in many people’s lives. Thank you.

  114. Nina and Agho

    Our condolences go out to the whole Carle and Carle Museum family. My son and I are so appreciative of the work you do and we talk about “Bobby” when ever we read the story of the 10 little toy ducks and see her boat…

  115. rose licata

    Being a kindergarten teacher,Eric Carle’s books are part of my daily life. I would like to offer my condolences to Mr. Carle and his family. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  116. Shelley Picot

    To Eric and Bobbie’s family, I am forever grateful for my time as an intern and temporary assistant at The Carle, where I was moved and inspired by the generosity that I saw every day in the Museum’s work. I can only imagine that an institution with such a big heart was created by someone with a lot of love to give. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

  117. Trista Marquez

    Dear Eric, the Carle Family and friends of Barbara,

    I am so sorry to hear of your unimaginable loss. What a beautiful woman who I’m sure inspired her husband in countless ways and touched the lives of many.

    Much love sent to you all.

  118. Jennifer Michelson

    I was always so impressed with her grace, charm and beautiful spirit. Her generous contributions will continue to inspire and benefit many. My heart and prayers are with Eric and her entire family. Love and Blessings.

  119. Ellen Nichols

    As a children’s literature professor, and a life-long believer in the power of children’s books, I visit the Carle several times a year, traveling from the Boston area. I always find joy and inspiration. I simply cannot leave without a smile on my face and a commitment to continue helping others place quality books into the hands of children. Thank you Barbara and Eric. I heart goes out to all the family in this tender time.

  120. Amy Riley

    I am so grateful to the Carles and all that they have done for children, art, and literature. They’ve given back in so many ways and I am so sorry to hear of Barbara’s passing. May Eric and his family and friends find peace in this time of sorrow, and may Barbara’s legacy live on and continue to bring positivity and light into this world.

  121. Celia Lang

    Sweet Barbara. This is heartbreaking news. Barbara made us all feel she was our champion…so authentic, supportive, so full of love for life. Dear Eric & family, rest, reflect, rejuvenate. Celia, Esthetician at JoiaBeauty, Northampton, MA

  122. Eunice Izumi Miyashita

    I was deeply saddened by the news of Barbara’s passing. My heart felt condolences to the family. As a great fan of your books, I spend almost everyday reading those with my Japanese students. Thank you for all you have done for us.

  123. Chaplain Cheryl

    So very sorry for your loss. What a gift Mrs. Carle was to our world. May God and your memories bring you comfort.

  124. Nancy Johnson

    I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s passing. It is so hard too lose your life partner. I’m praying for you at this time.

  125. Tina Hoggatt

    I am so sorry for this personal loss, Eric and for our communal loss. What a tremendous legacy Barbara leaves, one of hope, love and inspiration. I’m so grateful Barbara spent some time among us. Though I never knew her I am enriched by her vision and her work.

  126. Cathy and Sam Topal

    Dearest Eric,
    Sam recalls of how much he enjoyed speaking with Bobbie about everything – especially when she talked about accompanying her father on medical rounds.
    Cathy loved talking with Bobbie about children, teaching, gardens, food, the arts and much more. We four shared some wonderful times. There is simply no lovelier, more gracious, kind person than Bobbie Carle. We are so very sad to learn of her death. Wherever she went she emanated joy and vitality. And she was just so in love with you, Eric and proud of everything you did. She was also very proud of her family. Our hearts go out to you…
    With Love,
    Cathy and Sam Topal and family

  127. Ellen Mager

    I met Bobbi when I was taking coursework with Bill and Phyllis Halloran and Bobbi was doing a session on the Kindergarten program she ran that had hearing impaired & Hearing Children in class in the morning and the Hearing Impaired students stayed for more classes in the afternoon. This was YEARS before it was an accepted idea
    I was a Teacher of the Deaf Hearing Therapist at the time and learned so much! When I came up to the Museum for the opening party, I reminded Bobbi of that and she laughed when I told her that she was so ahead of her time. What a bright, delightful lady. My sympathy to the family..

  128. Frances Ruth Harris

    May her values, principles, lessons, talents, and brilliance live on in those who were lucky enough to have been exposed to this museum. I send my heart-felt sympathy to her family.

  129. Bette Burgdofer

    Dear Eric,
    I was so sorry to read of your beautiful wife’s passing. I only knew Bobbie a few years, but she made me feel like we were friends. I enjoyed being in your home each and every time. And will cherish all the memories forever. I know your heart is broken. Fondly, Bette Burgdofer, Statesville, NC

  130. Karla Hailer

    Every time I met Bobbie at a museum event, she was gracious and kind to me and my children. She told me stories about her husband that I could use to help inspire my students (and I do use them). I will miss the opportunity to run into her at various events, I always looked forward to her smile. I know what an incredible source of support she was to her husband. May she a blessed memory and role model for all. My deepest sympathies to her family and friends. Thank you for all you have done for all of us.

  131. Joy Allen-Wilkie

    My deepest sympathies to her husband, family and her friends. I’m sure she will be dearly missed. She touched many in her lifetime and the work she preformed will continue to influence others for many more lifetimes.

  132. Jen Reese

    Dear Eric and family,
    I am deeply sorry for your loss. The Carle Museum has meant so much to my family since we moved to the Pioneer Valley, and I am ever grateful for Barbara’s efforts to bring the museum vision to fruition. I will hold you all in my thoughts.

  133. An appreciative visitor to the museum

    May your treasured and cherished memories comfort you at this sad time.
    The Eric Carle Museum is a very special place, not just for children but for adults as well.
    I appreciate Bobbie’s vision and effort in being a part of this wonderful museum.

  134. Jennifer Berg

    Dear Eric Carle and Family,
    We are so very sorry for your loss. Bobbie Jo lead a full and wonderful life. Prayers for you and your family at this very difficult time.
    The Berg Family,
    Nottingham, PA

  135. Cathy Bonnell

    Though I didn’t know Bobbie personally I felt her presence every time I visited the Carle museum. Her inspiration to start the museum has impacted many folks & will continue to do so for many years to come. My deepest sympathy to Eric & all the family.

  136. Penelope Hauck

    Dear Eric Carle, I was so saddened to read about the passing of Bobbie today. I loved meeting her on one of the visits with my kids to the museum. She had such a joyous and welcoming way about her as if I was a guest in her home. I was fortunate to meet her and am thinking about you today. penny hauck

  137. The Dashef family

    Eric, our deepest sorrow at dear Bobbie’s death. She was a compassionate, warm, sweet, principled, high achieving woman of valour and we were honored to have been her friends. We think of you both often and miss you, Eric, in nort
    Hampton. With love, the dashefs–Carolyn and Steve, Alysia, Jennifer and Lauren.

  138. Laura Harrison

    Dear Mr. Carle,

    My entire family is very saddened by your loss. I am sure you provided great joy, love and companionship to your wife. We will be thinking of you and yours during this most difficult time.

    Our Best,

    Jim, Laura, Julia, Michael, Lauren and Emily Harrison

  139. Jane Werner

    The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh family sends our deepest sympathies to Eric Carle and family, as well as to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art family. Working with Eric and the Museum staff this past year is a cherished experience and milestone in our history. We wish them much peace and love.

  140. Judith Tonkins

    Thank you for making our world a brighter, happier place. You will live on through your many good works. Love and condolences to Mr. Carle and the family.

  141. Marlene Berger

    Dear Eric,
    It is with heavy hearts and disbelief that we send you this message. We are so sad to have just heard about Bobbie. Paul and I will truly miss her smile and warm heart. She will always remain close to our thoughts. We enjoyed every moment we spent with the both of you. We will remember her always and hope that her inner strength will give you
    added strength.
    All our love to you and your entire family,
    Marlene and Paul Berger

  142. Janet Vella

    My condolences to Mr. Carle and his family on the death of his beloved wife. May her memory be a blessing?

  143. Laurie welsh

    I am so sorry for your loss. Being thought of and remembering is the way I have kept my friends and family in my heart and soul. May God bless you and surround you all during this time.

  144. Stephanie Cassidy

    I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. Your flag for her is in an eternal gentle wind. Please know we love and respect you.

  145. Kristen Steele

    I was so saddened by this news, but inspired by the woman she was and the legacy she leaves. Please know you are in our hearts and prayers during this sad and difficult time!

  146. a Librarian

    an inspiring life ! Thanks to the Carle family for the work that they do. Surely she will be missed.

  147. Deborah Curylo

    Leaving a prayer for grace and strength and much love. So sorry for the loss of your dear wife.

  148. Karen Phelan

    I want to express my deepest sympathy to the Carle family. May Barbara RIP. I have visited the museum at least six times and I have loved every visit. It is a very magical place and every time I visit in the future I will think of Mrs. Carle. Thank you for giving the United States such a wonderful picture book museum !!!

  149. Paulis Waber

    My heartfelt condolences to Eric Carle and family. Reading the tributes have made me even more aware of the beauty of Barbara Carle’s life. I’m thankful for the inspiration and dedication she brought to the Carle Museum, which does such important work in sharing children’s book art with the world. And, as a family member of one of those children’s book artists, I know how meaningful this recognition personally is. I hope that your family is able to find some comfort in knowing that her life has brought great blessings that will long survive her.

  150. Pam Williams

    We are saddened and sorrow with you in the loss of your lively wife. May you be comforted by your memories and the joy she brought to others. Our sincere condolences to you Mr. Carle.

  151. Sheila Luecht

    I am very sorry for your loss. She was a very bright light and with it, she was able to show us all many things.

  152. Dean and family

    We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts remain with you and your family during this difficult time.

  153. Marion Rocco

    I consider it an incredible gift to have known Bobbie. She had a remarkably special way of making me feel loved and and I will treasure her memory. My heart goes out to Eric and her family and to all the wonderful people who loved her. She touched many lives with her kindness and warmth. My very deepest condolences.

  154. Katie Nelson

    In 2009 I was fortunate enough to be selected as an Art Studio intern at the Carle. It is one of the times in my life that has shaped my passion for teaching, deepened my love of picture books, and gave me experience designing hands-on art experiments for children. Thank you to Bobbie and Eric Carle for creating a museum that encourages so many people of different ages to explore art materials and appreciate the amazing art in picture books. My deepest condolences to all affected by Bobbie’s passing. ~Katie Nelson

  155. Theresa

    Truly sadden by such a loss. Our condolences. Thank You for sharing yourself with the world and making a positive impact in the lives of so many!

  156. Nicola Anderson

    My sincere condolences to the family. She sounds like an inspirational lady who was beautiful inside and out. RIP Bobbie xxx

  157. Leann

    My thoughts and prayers to Barbara’s family at this time. Touching lives like she did is an inspiration to everyone.

  158. Karrie

    Dear Mr. Carle,

    I am so very sorry to hear of your wife’s passing. I can see she has influenced the wonderful work my children and I have loved over the many years. May you know tremendous Grace and Peace.

    All my very best,


  159. Richard and Jennifer Michelson

    Eric, We both have such wonderful memories of our conversations with Bobbie. She remains in our thoughts and prayers, and the warmth she brought to this world will always be with us all. Our condolences to you and your family. RIch and Jennifer Michelson

  160. Michele Kendall

    So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers for the entire family. She will forever be in your hearts.

  161. zeinab ensari

    To my first favorite author it is very sad to hear of Barbara’s passing, it may be difficult for you and the family, but God chose her time and may He bless her soul. She left behind a print of her kindness in all of us.

  162. Emily Wayne

    Eric, I am so terribly sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you, your family and friends, and all the staff at the Eric Carle Museum. You have my most heartfelt condolences. <3

  163. A teacher

    Dear Eric Carle,

    It is with great sadness that I read of your loss. In the article written about your wife, one can perceive what a special woman she was and I can imagine how much you will miss her. Yet, I am sure that her “life” will be extended through the legacy she left through her work and also through those she loved, especially you. May she keep inspiring you to see life with hope, faith and love. A big hug for you and her family.

  164. Tricia Jenkins

    Sad news. There is just one consolation, that she leaves behind the sharing of a legacy of a museum exhibiting her husband’s wonderful childrens’ books and masses of colours.
    Sincere condolences to Eric and Barbara’s grieving family. X

  165. Lois Kennedy

    I add my thoughts and prayers to so many others. May warm and wonderful memories help to ease your sorrow. Blessings to you, Eric, and to all who loved Barbara.

  166. Zigrida Eberhardt

    I have had the privilege to know Bobbie through the Carle is with dismay and shock that I receive this news of her passing. She was charming, gracious and joyful to know. My deepest sympathy to Eric and her extended family.

  167. Elizabeth Denny

    My heartfelt sympathies at the loss of your dear wife Barbara. I adore the museum (as did she) and have brought many children to exhibits and activities over the years. Her influence was significant–as is yours–and my thanks to all you have both done and continue to do for our community. Yours is a cherished and much-loved institution. I send my thoughts and love. Elizabeth Denny

  168. Felicia

    My heart is broken for you Eric. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Bobbie. She was a remarkable woman and will be missed. God bless you and the whole family.

  169. Mitchell Kaplan

    Eric, I’m very saddened to hear this news. I remember the warmth and enthusiasm she shared each time she came to the bookshop. Her legacy will live on in the memories of all who encountered her. She was very, very special and I know how much she will be missed. All of us send our love and condolences.

  170. Roxanne D. Gabriel

    So very sorry at the news of Mrs. Carle’s passing. Please know my thoughts are with the Carle family. As a retired high school English teacher from Montclair, NJ, I am now disabled, yet still make my monthly trips up to Amherst to celebrate Emily Dickinson, The Yiddish Museum, and, of course, the Eric Carle Museum!! What a loss for you, the community, and literature, as a whole. Again, my deepest sympathy.

    -Roxanne D. Gabriel

  171. Kathleen Armstrong

    What a wonderful vision and legacy Barbara left to us all. We were fortunate to visit The Carle one summer when my grandchildren were much younger and had a marvelous time. There was the special exhibit of Tomie dePaola’s illustrations which my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed and the art room which all of us loved spending time in. My granddaughter who was two at the time, love the storytelling in the grand caterpillar and it was overall a lovely afternoon. I hope to visit again sometime in the future. Barbara will be missed by so many. I’m sorry that I was never able to meet her in person since I did meet Eric at a convention many years ago. I know he will miss Barbara terribly. With deepest sympathy. Kathleen Armstrong

  172. Judith Goldman Nunez

    Sincere condolences. I had the privilege of working with Barbara many years ago on Dr. Rosen’s evaluation team in Greenfield. A great lady who will be greatly missed.

  173. Diane Siniscalchi

    Dear Mr. Carle,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your dear wife, Barbara. My prayers and condolences go out to you and your family. …xox…

  174. Elaine Hoffman

    What a wonderful legacy you gave in the Eric Carle Museum, enjoyed by my family and many other families, now and forward…many thanks for your generosity in reaching many people of many capabilities all over the world…

  175. Wendell and Minor

    Dear Eric,
    We were so terribly saddened to hear of Bobbie’s passing. She was a beautiful person in every way, and it was always a joy to talk with her at the Museum. She has left quite a legacy and we know how much she will be missed by all who knew her. Our hearts go out to you and your family, and we send our most heartfelt condolences.
    With love,
    Wendell and Florence

  176. Tuly Huntington

    Thank you Carle’s for bringing so much beauty in this world. May you find peace and comfort through this very challenging part of life God bless you all.

  177. Francisca Galleguillos

    I think this must be one of the darkest times of life for everyone who deeply loved her, and I feel sorry. But when I think about all she did together with Mr. Carle I feel that the life of Mrs. Carle flourished in the land. Colored and beautiful flowers. The most beautiful trace of life. She is not dead. She is living in the things she created. Every little thing has a part of her life inside. I send a big hug for everyone, specially for Mr. Carle. Please, keep the warmth of your wife’s life inside your heart.

  178. Bre Roberts

    Giving thanks from Baltimore for Barbara Carle and offering prayers for peace and comfort for all her family as you grieve her. We are blessed by her beautiful life!

  179. Danielle L. Anders

    I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and everyone at the museum. Love love love everything Eric Carle.

  180. Kate Austin

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Carle family in this time of mourning and celebration of a special life. Thank you Barbara for supporting and sharing Eric with the rest of us!


  181. Kim King

    As a Children’s Librarian, I love to share the art of Eric Carle’s books with children and families. I saw many times that books were dedicated to your wife. I wish you splendid memories and special moments as you move through your wife’s passing. My father was born in 1938 and has been gone 10 years. Truly you and your wife are a gift of the generation that molds America. Peace and prayers from a little library in Pennsylvania.

  182. Lois Miller

    I am so saddened to hear the news of Bobbie Carle’s passing. My sincerest condolences go out to Eric Carle and to the families who so love both of them. I never had the pleasure of meeting Bobbie, but know of her through our membership at the museum. I will always be grateful to her and to Eric for their wonderful support and friendship to our daughter Rebecca. She has always spoken of both of them with great love and respect. The world will be a lesser place without the presence of Barbara Carle.

  183. jola

    Dear Eric Carle,
    My thoughts are with you in this hard time. I have never met you or your beloved wife in person. Yet, I feel I know you both very well thanks to the books and the Museum. Rest In Peace, Barbara Carle [*].

  184. Wendy Morone

    I am an elementary school librarian in Baltimore City. My husband was a city librarian, as well and died July 21st. Both of us were fond of Carle books, using them at school, with our own children, and now grandchildren. I have a Carle mural on my library wall. Reading about Barbara and Eric reminds me so much of my husband and myself. We had a very special marriage. We also had a son who attended Hampshire College and so were lucky to see the museum. I am sending my deepest condolences to Eric and the whole family. Since you suggested donating to charities of our choice, I will be donating in Barbara;s name to a fund a teacher set up for my husband. Both our schools are in economically challenged parts of Baltimore and we have a huge need for books for our students. Thank you, Eric and Barbara for a lifetime of joy! Wendy Morone

  185. Robin Gurdak-Foley

    We are saddened by the news of Barbara’s passing. But, we are so very thankful for all she did during her eventful life. Her gifts of time and talent will remain. We appreciate her legacy. Rest in peace, Barbara, and thank you.

  186. Doni Kay

    Dear Eric,
    I am so sorry to hear the sad news about Bobbie. I was just talking yesterday about the wonderful time that we had when we drove around the state of Florida doing book signings back in 2004. Bobbie was so delightful, warm and caring and she will be missed by anyone who had the good fortune to know her. I am so sorry for your loss, Eric.

  187. The Fleming Family

    Dear Eric,
    We are so sorry for your loss.
    You are one of our favorite Children’s book authors.
    The Flemingos

  188. janet ward

    Through the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum Barbara and Eric Carle have provided such joy to so many. My sincere condolences to Eric on Barbara’s passing.

    Janet Ward

  189. Laura Clements

    Eric Carle’s work is a big part of my life as an early childhood educator, parent and grandparent, I feel a personal connection even though I have never met Eric or Bobbie. My heartfelt condolences to the Carle family

  190. McKenzie Vibbert

    My family wishes you the strength to make it through such a tragic loss. Many thoughts are with you during this time. Thank you for all you have done in creating such beautiful work for all of the children of the world. May she rest in peace and may you be united again.

    Lots of love,
    McKenzie Vibbert & Family

  191. Robin in California

    So very sorry for your loss. Sending thoughts and prayers and good memories for you and yours.

  192. Lucy Robinson

    Thank you,Barbara, for spearheading an amazing museum of beauty, exploration, instruction, and glorious fun! We treasure and enjoy it especially as neighbors on Bay Road.

  193. Try Manoellang

    My prayer goes to you and your family, Mr. Carle. May all the memories and love that she shared help you to smile again.


  194. Maria

    My deepest sympathy to the Carle family.
    I am very sorry to hear of the loss of this remarkable wife, friend, aunt, Mom, Barbara. And what a legacy she has left on this Earth.
    May the love of family and friends comfort you at this time.
    With Love,

  195. Laura Moore

    I am so sorry to hear this very sad news. Sunshine and happiness thoughts being sent your family’s way.
    The Moore Family, Ramsey, MN

  196. saundra george

    Mr. Carle and family,
    Nothing can prepare you for such a loss, and there are no words that express the sorrow you feel, When my husband died, the most wonderful thing anyone did for me was to kiss me on the cheek….this simple gesture of love and support is what I send to you.
    Saundra George

  197. Elaine Campbell

    So sorry to hear of the passing of this great and wonderful woman. My heart goes out to
    all who so dearly loved her.

  198. Joanna Cotler

    Dear Eric,
    I was so, so sorry to hear of Bobbie’s passing. I am thinking of you and your family at this sad time and sending condolences.
    With love,

  199. Mary

    Mr. Carle,
    Prayers to you and your family. Praying for Peace through the hard days and Joy in the good days filled with the memories you shared with Barbara.

  200. Stephanie Lurie

    Dear Eric:

    Sending my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your beloved Bobbie. May the time come soon when memories of her bring you only joy.

    All best,

    Stephanie Lurie

  201. Diane Waterhouse Barbarisi

    My heartfelt condolences go out to Eric, Eric and Bobbie’s families, and their many, many friends! I will always remember Bobbie as sweet, genuine, intelligent, passionate, and strong. A lovely lady.
    With sincere sympathy,
    Diane Waterhouse Barbarisi

  202. Wendy

    Dear Eric,
    I am so sorry for your loss. You have brought such joy into the world. Prayers for you and your family.

  203. Debbie Williams

    I was honored to know Bobbie when I worked to the Eric Carle Studio during my time as a student at Smith College. From our first meeting she helped to make me feel like a part of the Eric Carle Family, of which she was the Grande Matriarch! Always kind and generous, she was always inquiring into my world and making sure that I was working towards my future goals. She was an inspirational woman that I remember with great fondness. She will be very much missed. Sending lots of love to all who were blessed to have known her.

    All best wishes,

    Debbie Williams

  204. Ami L McChesney

    Many prayers for you, your family, and friends. Thank you for all you and Bobbie have given to others. Bless you.

  205. eileen conte

    Mr. Carle, Carle family, and friends,

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Hoping the memories of good times you shared help you to smile again.

  206. kelly dunshee

    So sorry for your loss Eric Carle. RIP Barbara Carle. Keeping the carle family in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs

  207. Jon J Muth

    Dear Eric,
    So very sad to hear. You two are rare birds in a colored sky. Together you have created such a strong and beautiful legacy.
    Thinking of you.

  208. Sura Levine

    Dear Eric and the extended Carle family,

    I was so sorry to learn of Bobbie’s passing and wish it were not so. She was a wonderful, giving ,person who loved letting others have the spotlight before her, even if she also was the quiet dynamo behind that spotlight. It had been many years since I’d seen you and her, but I will also always remember her warmth, her keen intelligence, and her love of this institution that you have built together.

    My heartfelt condolences and warmest regards,
    Sura Levine
    Professor of Art History
    Hampshire College

  209. Arlette Jassel

    I did not know about Barbara nor about her work with the museum but I have been grateful for all the years I taught a rt that the books Eric Carle created were there for me. If Barbara was an inspiring and encouraging force I am truly grateful.
    My condolences go out to her family.

  210. Anne Deysher

    Our deepest sympathies. While did not know personally know Barbara Carle, our family loves the Eric Carle museum and its mission. I was privileged to attend a teachers’ workshop there, and my son has performed his children’s music there as well. Every time we have occasion to visit, we love visiting the current exhibits. Peace and comfort to you all.

  211. Sara Lee Lewis, co-founder, Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scoia

    We at Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia mourn the lost of a warm and compassionate supporter. Our company’s visits to the Museum and the Studio over the past fifteen years have engendered a profound respect for the power of creativity and its impact on enriching young lives. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to Bobbie Carle’s family, friends, and colleagues, and celebrate her unique contributions.

  212. arnold friedmann

    Dear Eric,



    Arnold and Susi Friedmann

  213. Kae Geller

    Our hearts go out to the Carle family, relatives, friends, and to those inspired by Miss Bobbie’s passion.

  214. Eileen Fitzgiibons

    I wish I had known Bobbie- she sounds like such a beacon of love. The Eric Carle Museum is a magical place that I wish I could visit more often. Her good work will carry on. Blessings to her family.

  215. Kristin Angel

    My heart is with Eric and the rest of Bobbie’s family.
    Bobbie’s light shines brightly here at the museum and throughout the world, and she will continue inspire me and others through her legacy. From the moment she first took my hand and thanked me for my work, I felt that I’d known her forever. She was just like that. And I will never forget her warmth, her welcoming smile or her lilting voice. Rest in peace, Bobbie. The world is a better place for you having been a part of it.

  216. Fruitlands Museum

    Our hearts go out to Eric Carle and his family and all of the staff at the Carle Museum. Your friends at Fruitlands Museum are keeping you in our thoughts.

  217. Chrissie Devinney

    Bobbie Carle will be missed by many. I am Holding Eric, her family and all of the Carle Museum in the Light.

  218. jane yolen

    I got to know Bobbi when she and Eric first moved to Hawley and felt an immediate pull to this smart, funny, gracious woman. We are the same age though our backgrounds were very different, and yet we had so many of the same passions–books, children, art, and a sense that our lives were about “giving back” as well as “giving forward.” Who can count how many lives she has touched , changed,made better–the number, like the stars, are uncountable. And, even past death, she will continue to touch them.

    The world is dimmed by this fallen star. We can still see it blazing, though. a final gift to all of us. II can’t imagine the world (or Eric) without her.

    I send love to the entire family, but especially to you, Eric.


  219. Ben Gundersheimer

    I’m so sorry to learn this very sad news. Sending love
    to Eric and all the wonderful people at the museum.

  220. Tomie dePaola

    Dear Eric, What sadness.
    I will add Bobbie to my daily meditation as well as you.
    It will be hard to imagine you alone. Every time we met, Bobbie was right beside you.
    And her smile was magnetic. Blessings to you, Tomie

  221. Susan Swift

    The Montessori School of Northampton sends its thoughts and prayers to Eric Carle and his family during this sad time. We want to thank Barbara Carle for the many gifts she and her family have given the Pioneer Valley, including the treasure that is the Eric Carle Museum.

  222. Ted and Betsy Lewin

    We are so sorry to hear of Barbara’s passing.
    Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the Carle family.

    Ted and Betsy Lewin

  223. Donna Warwick

    To the family of Barbara Carle,

    My heart goes out to you at this time of loss. The museum has touched so many lives, and Bobbie’s dedication and good work will be forever appreciated by young and old.

  224. Janice Bacewicz

    My deepest sympathies go out to you and all your family on the loss of Bobbie Carle. The Eric Carle Museum is a living legacy to all who made it happen and strive to make it better. Bobbie was one of those people. May she rest in peace knowing she added so much to the lives of children, their parents and all who visit the Carle.

  225. Sarah Graves

    My deepest sympathy goes out to the Carle family and all that knew Bobbie. The museum holds a special place in my heart and Bobbie will live on through the joy the museum brings!

  226. Eliza Brown

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Eric and to all of Bobbie’s friends and family. Bobbie has always been such an inspiration to me – so incredibly kind, patient and generous. I will always remember Bobbie as someone who didn’t shake your hand, but held it. As someone who took the time to really talk and connect and make each moment meaningful. I feel so lucky to have known her and grateful for the opportunity she has given me to work here at The Carle, helping to bring her vision and passion for art and picture books to the world.

  227. Alix Kennedy

    Bobbie was a great light in my life. She led by example, with the courage of her convictions, determined to do good in the world. She inspired and moved me, time and again, and I’m so much better for it. My heart goes out to Eric, and to everyone in the Carle and Morrison family…. It has been a great honor to work at the Museum these past seven years, to shepherd along this remarkable place. I will always be grateful to have had Bobbie as my guide.

  228. Rebecca Miller Goggins

    Bobbie was an inspiration to me in so many ways. I adored her from the moment she first took my hand when I joined the Museum in 2007. Bobbie showed me that it is possible to make an undeniable difference in the world — to do so with generosity of spirit, and to remain true to family, friends, and our deepest values. It has been a privilege to know her, and to share her mission to introduce children and families to art and books that can make their hearts soar. Bobbie was a gift, and she gave a gift to all of us. She will continue to guide us all through her remarkable light.

  229. Megan Regan

    My deepest condolences go out to all of Bobbie Carle’s family and friends. She was always so warm and welcoming when we met, and it is wonderful to be able to come to work each day at the museum she helped create and see the joy her efforts bring to so many people, young and old alike.

  230. Erica Boyd Jacob

    My heart goes out to Eric, the Carle family, and all those involved with the Carle Studio and Museum, past and present, especially those who knew Bobbie well. I’d only met her a few times while I’ve worked here, yet I too feel her loss. Bobbie was so gracious and welcoming to me, taking me by the arm to introduce me to her family at my first Carle Honors. I will always remember how special that made me feel, and will treasure that memory always. The Carle Museum is such a special place because of her and Eric, and it is my hope that Bobbie’s warm and welcoming spirit will remain in everything we do.

  231. Diana MacKenzie

    To the Carle family, let it be a comfort during your time of loss that every day at The Museum I witness children laugh, play, imagine and discover. The world is a better place because of Bobbie’s work and vision to bring The Museum to our community. She had such a kind spirit and she will be greatly missed.

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